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how to get customers to leave reviews

How To Get Customers To Leave Reviews

Growing your business requires a smart marketing strategy alongside a solid online reputation. An agency may provide local SEO services that will instantly boost your website’s search rankings and give your brand some visibility. However, once prospective customers find you in that search, you’ll want them to see positive customer reviews so that they will genuinely consider purchasing your products or services.

Figuring out this process can be tricky, especially when you’re launching a brand-new business. Don’t worry; this helpful guide from New Jersey’s digital marketing experts explains how to get customers to leave reviews so that you can watch your online reputation (and client base) take off.

Tip #1 Ask Your Customers To Write a Review

A straightforward and effective way to get reviews is to ask for them. Savvy business owners will always prompt their customers to write a review of a product or service and make it easy for them to do so. 

There are several ways you can reach out to your customers to encourage them to leave honest feedback. For example, your website may include a call to action that links to your Google Business Profile. Another option is to include a link in all email sign-offs to cover any conversations by your customer service team, who do everything in their power to make your clients happy. 

In today’s digital age, you might also include a QR code that links to a review platform on your receipts or printed materials. However, you don’t have to go crazy with how you ask people to leave reviews; even a handful of reviews that praise your business can make a lasting impact. After all, the research suggests that 93% of consumers let online reviews influence their buying decisions!

Tip #2 Strategize Times When Customers Are the Happiest and Encourage Reviews At That Moment

Do you operate an e-commerce site that sells various home goods? Within your sales system, you will find the emails of several new customers and one repeat customer. Since the repeat customer trusts your brand enough to purchase multiple products, it’s smart to send them a targeted email asking about their shopping experience. 

However, you don’t want to neglect your new customers. Why not give them some time to receive and use your product or service before sending a message that encourages them to leave a review? 

Other instances where your customers feel most satisfied include the times when they refer a friend to you or tag your brand in a positive social media post. If you know how to get customers to leave reviews when they’re at their happiest, your business can reap the benefits. Take advantage of all these scenarios and prompt your delighted clients to share their thoughts with a wider audience.

Tip #3 Provide Multiple Review Outlets For Convenience

Your customers may prefer different sources to read or a few options of places to leave reviews. Capitalize on as many platforms as possible to cater to the largest audience. Providing several outlets for someone to leave a review also increases the chance that they’ll follow through.

For example, if you direct all your customers to one site to leave a review, you may alienate those who are unfamiliar with the platform or prefer not to use it. However, facilitating reviews across several websites and social media platforms provides a better chance of receiving feedback from your customers. You can also set up a review section on your website so that visitors don’t have to leave the page to share their thoughts.

Tip #4 Explain How Reviews Help Others, Not Just Yourself

Your customers may not understand the importance of online reviews or find it a waste of time. Why not entice them into writing one by explaining the benefits to themselves and others? As a business owner, you’re more likely to attract new clients with plenty of positive online reviews, but you should always approach the topic based on how it impacts prospective buyers.

Are you a small business trying to expand your customer base? Relay to your customers that buyers like them are 35% less likely to make a purchase if there are no reviews available, according to Fan & Fuel’s December 2016 survey. Let them know that, by leaving a review, they’ll be doing a favor to countless others who are researching different places to buy this product or service. 

Tip #5 Offer an Incentive That Gets Attention

Anyone wondering how to get customers to leave reviews should consider the impact of incentives. People help out when they can also benefit, so why not offer discounts or company credits to those who leave reviews? If you’re offering this deal via email, you could even include the incentive in the subject line so that customers know what you’re offering off the bat.

Some businesses garner plenty of reviews by offering discounts to customers or making charitable donations for every review they receive. You can be just as successful in your efforts, including creative ways like promising to promote any customer’s new business on your platform or social media if they write a review.

Tip #6 Don’t Forget To Follow Up and Post Replies

One essential trick to get customers to leave reviews is to never forget about them. If you send a message after a first-time or repeat purchase and they don’t take action, follow up. Sometimes, one simple reminder will spark a customer to review their purchase. 

Depending on the time between your initial message and second contact, it may also give your customer more use out of your product and influence their review. 

Let Our Digital Marketing Experts Expand Your Business’s Reach Online!

Knowing how to get customers to leave reviews is just one small way that your business can start to thrive online. Peppermonkey Media can take your brand to the next level by managing online reviews, implementing new strategies, and coming up with customized marketing plans! Schedule a free digital strategy session by filling out our online request form or call (888) 231-9764 today.

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