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What Are Social Signals and How Do They Impact SEO?

Are you researching how to improve your digital marketing? You’re probably wondering, “What are social signals?”

As an experienced and trusted SEO agency in NJ, Peppermonkey Media can help you understand social signals and how to harness them to improve your content distribution and digital marketing approach. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses generate more leads and grow their profit. Keep reading to discover how.

What Are Social Signals in SEO?

Social signals are an SEO ranking factor that Google and other search engines use to estimate a website’s social media presence and a key part of any digital marketing strategy. Social signals influence a website’s search engine rankings primarily by helping Google recognize it as an authoritative and relevant source.

The following factors can affect your rankings:

  • Likes and comments on your social media profile
  • The amount of people who share your social media content
  • Your number of followers

In general, the more popular your content is on social media, the greater the likelihood that Google ranks it high because it has social proof of its validity and usefulness.

Google often uses social signals to determine E-E-A-T. This stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, and it’s a major factor Google uses to determine your ranking on its search engine. Keep E-E-A-T in mind when devising your strategy for improving social signals.

Improving Your SEO With Social Signals

Because social signals are an essential part of your content marketing strategy, you should prioritize optimizing them. With our extensive experience and knowledge, Peppermonkey Media can help you reach your goals more efficiently and affordably.

Build Your Audience

Building your audience is an important strategy for improving your social signals. Not only do more followers equate to a higher E-E-A-T score, but it also increases the likelihood you’ll receive shares, comments, and reactions.

Think of it this way. Imagine you can count on 1% of your followers to perform some sort of social signal action (reacting, commenting, or sharing). If you have only 100 followers, you can expect roughly one interaction every post, which, from Google’s perspective, hardly counts in your favor. However, if you grow your audience to 10,000 people, you’ll start receiving an average of 100 interactions with each post, which will play a significant role in establishing your authority and relevance. As an added benefit, the larger your audience, the more likely you are to continue growing your followers and interactions. 

Utilize Links

If you understand the answer to, “What are social signals?” you’ll begin seeing the importance of link building. Link building refers to the process of using other websites to link back to your content. For example, if you run an online auto parts shop, you’re more likely to gain followers and reactions if a local mechanic links to your store.

Look for opportunities to partner with other content creators in your same industry so you can tap into their audience.

Foster Trust

Building trust is more than just a good business practice; it also passively affects your rankings on search engines. We all know that a customer who trusts you is more likely to buy your product or hire your services. They’re also more likely to engage with your brand on social media or through leaving reviews.

Trust is the last word in the E-E-A-T acronym, and this is one of the most important aspects Google uses to determine the credibility of your website. How do you build this trust with your customers?

Publish creative, engaging, and relevant content. When people read the content they’re excited about or that they find helpful, they naturally want to react.

The reaction might only consist of a like on Facebook. However, it often means they’ll comment or share the content, increasing your visibility and showing Google you deserve a higher ranking on its search results.

Build Brand Consistency

Your success on social media directly correlates to your brand visibility on the platforms. The more content you post, the more people see it, and the more they engage. Social media algorithms rely on this cycle to help determine what content people love seeing.

If you’re posting frequently and your followers don’t engage, you likely either aren’t posting the right type of content, or they don’t know who you are as a brand. Ensure your customers know what you can provide them and keep a clear voice and style across all your social media interactions.

Engage on Social Media

Social media engagement requires more than just publishing content and letting your followers read it and react. The most successful social media accounts respond to the comments their followers leave and curate what they post according to what their audience loves. If a customer responds to one of your posts saying they love your product, take time to write a personalized response thanking them for their business and revealing how important they are to you.

Optimize Profiles

To optimize your profile, ensure you’ve filled out every piece of information. Include the main products or services you provide so you show up in people’s Google Discover traffic. An optimized profile includes the following:

  • Business name and logo
  • An engaging banner image in addition to your profile logo
  • A description of the business, including its history
  • Hashtags, depending on the social media platform
  • Multiple applicable categories about the type of business you provide
  • A link to your website

Ideally, you’re engaging on at least two social media sites, including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. Use the same pictures and business description across all social media accounts.

Let Peppermonkey Media Optimize Your SEO

Now that you know the answer to, “What are social signals?” you’re ready to partner with Peppermonkey Media. From helping you understand why your website traffic is dropping to creating comprehensive digital marketing strategies, you’ll enjoy working with us and appreciate our results. Don’t delay this opportunity to grow your business and profit.

To schedule your digital marketing consultation, contact us online or call (888) 231-9764.

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