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Social Media Marketing NJ

If you run a business in the New Jersey area, you may be looking to expand your online presence. Social media is an increasingly large platform for many business owners.
Peppermonkey media


Peppermonkey media

If you’re not currently engaging in social media marketing, you’re missing out. At present, social media advertising is one of the largest digital marketing niches on the planet. While you can purchase ads and promotion via most social media platforms, you can also build a natural following that helps your fans keep up-to-date with your brand.

An increasingly large number of businesses use social media to connect with customers. If you’re not currently using social media to your advantage, you’re not properly competing with your competitors.

Peppermonkey media

According to Search Engine Journal, over 75 percent of social media users made at least one online purchase in the last year, while less than 50 percent of those who don’t use social media made an online purchase. This is direct evidence of a correlation between social media usage and online purchases.

In addition, over a third of consumers claim to use social media to find services and products online. Plenty of statistical evidence points to the importance of social media marketing in NJ.


Social media marketing is an underdeveloped field. Fortunately for our clients, we’re the leading social media agency in New Jersey. What makes us better than other social media companies in New Jersey? Our team employs a comprehensive approach that ensures you tackle every aspect of your social media marketing campaign.

Strategy Meeting

Before we start work, we’ll meet with you to develop a specific strategy that suits your business and its goals. We’ll discuss your niche and your specific needs before developing a comprehensive approach. If you’re looking for social media marketing, only work with firms who provide face-to-face social media assessments.


Next, we’ll decide on a branding strategy to help your company develop its online brand. Branding is critical in social media marketing – you need to be able to create an image that earns the respect of online consumers.

Content Creation

Once we decide on a branding strategy, it’s time to build content your consumers care about. There are hundreds of thousands of online brands, but we’ll build content curated for your niche and brand. Our team provides engaging, thoughtful content that boosts your social media marketing.

Content Calendars

Building great content isn’t the only social media solution – you also need to know when to post it. Over-flooding consumers with content will make them less likely to respond to your marketing in the future. We build a calendar that optimizes the exact amount of content that needs to be released.

Monthly Management and Optimization

Your social media marketing isn’t just a one-off event – it’s essential to maintain your platform on a regular basis. Finding social media management that prioritizes monthly management is tough. Our team will perform regular checks on KPIs and other key indicators to help ensure your social media strategy is up-to-scratch. We’ll continue to optimize your page every month to help ensure the best results. We’re the only social media manager in NJ that provides this ongoing service.


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Facebook Marketing

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook is the place to establish a firm presence if you want your company to succeed. If you want to improve your social media marketing in NJ, make sure to start with Facebook. Our social media service can help you begin building your Facebook empire!
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Instagram Marketing

Instagram is another popular social media platform, one that’s increasingly popular with influencers and younger generations. As Instagram is an entirely image-focused social media platform, it’s essential to create content that includes high-quality images. We have a team of Instagram specialists that help curate content that grows audiences.
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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for marketing to professionals and other businesses. As LinkedIn is a professional platform, it’s essential to create content geared towards business owners and working professionals.
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Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another great social media platform for building an organic following. Creating rich and engaging tweets that link to your website’s content can help you build a loyal following on this platform.


If you’re on the hunt for social media marketing, it’s time to choose the right team. Our social media experts can help you build an organic platform, which is the best way to build authority in your niche. The longer you wait, the more your competitors will benefit from their efforts.

Case Studies

See how PepperMonkeyMedia used paid search campaigns, SEO and Social Media to boost the clients.

Facebook Ads and Funnels can be a home run in many industries and for almost all types of clients. However, it requires more than smashing the "boost" button to produce real results. We worked diligently with this client to understand their business model, their message and service offerings to craft a message that would break through the noise ...
Our agency increased this client's call volume by 300% using SEO & Google Ads. Because we implement call tracking and other analytics we are able to directly attribute these calls to our efforts and successes.
Leveraging SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a local automotive client we were able to increase overall website traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing by 100%. As a direct result, this client began receiving more calls and customers which helped increase their revenue.
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