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Peppermonkey Media is a creative and passionate digital marketing agency located at the Jersey Shore offering Web Design & Development, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing services to small and medium-size businesses across the United States.

The Story of Peppermonkey Media

Vini always had dreams of being a business owner and while working at his previous corporate job he decided, in his free time, instead of watching his favorite shows of the era like Game of Thrones or Homeland, he worked on a master plan to start his own digital marketing company. However, he had a problem, what to name it. Many ideas were scribbled, crumpled, tossed but nothing was sticking.

Then one day while in an “all hands on deck” meeting in the cafeteria where over 100 fellow employees gathered in silence waiting for their monthly “one-for-the-gipper” speech from their CEO, he got an idea. He was sitting with his fellow digital pioneers and cubemate chatting about the latest industry news at the time like how lawyers can use Google+ to boost SEO or updates on Google’s Open Internet Policy, when he noticed the cafeteria crew left the salt and pepper shakers on the table they were sitting at. When boredom strikes Vini, he draws, he went to school for Art and in fact he drew the current logo of the company.

So taking the pepper and dumping it on the table he began to do that, draw. He drew a giraffe, an elephant and then began to take requests. Then his cubemate and friend asked him to draw a monkey. Vini did and it was perfect and by far the best animal he drew in the pepper. His friend began to laugh and said,”That’s awesome, I dare you you to name your company, Peppermonkey”. Vini chuckled at the thought but then the next day walked into the office and up to his cubemate and smacked the business cert down and said,”I did it, I named my company Peppermonkey Media”. His friend almost fell over laughing and said,”Dude I was just kidding, I can’t believe you name the company Peppermonkey. Well at least you’ll have a story.”


Founded in 2011 by Vincent (Vini) Iachetta Jr. we have been successfully serving clients from a diverse array of industries such as Legal, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Debt & Finance, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Food and more. Our team has 15+ years of experience managing 20+ million dollars of digital budgets across platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and more.


Our strong belief in foundational principles and education helps us to build the most professional, transparent relationships with our clients while following a clear road map that guides us to our desired destination and goals.


Peppermonkey Media sprung out of a magnetic pull to entrepreneurship. Being raised in a hard-working, blue-collar family business, Vini, built Peppermonkey Media on top of his family and business values. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, work ethic, pride and passion to name a few and it’s these values that breathe life into everything we do.

vincentiachettajr peppermonkey

Vincent Iachetta Jr.

Owner and founder of Peppermonkey

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