SEO is the practice of understanding search engines and optimizing content to meet their criteria. It may not seem like it at first, but hiring someone for SEO can be a worthy investment for the future. If you find yourself asking any of the following questions or statements, it may be time to invest in SEO.

  1. “Am I getting the best value out of my advertising?”
    SEO can seem like a larger investment up front; but once your website is optimized, it could easily outperform a costly PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign.
  2. “How do I get Google to show people my website first?”
    You’ll need to make sure you’re speaking the right language, and that’s what SEO is all about. If you need to rank higher on searches, it’s time to get some SEO done.
  3. “Why aren’t my website visitors buying?”
    If you’re getting visitors to your website but find they aren’t converting into customers, SEO can help you find relevant traffic by using keywords to target specific demographics. Combined with conversion rate optimization on your website, the right traffic with a high converting site is a winning formula.
  4. “Why can’t people find my website?”
    It can sometimes be difficult to be discovered, even if someone is searching for the name of your company. This means you need a bigger online presence with the right keywords to help search engines find you. An SEO specialist will know what content to add to the website and how to structure the content to help your site be relevant to the keywords users are searching when looking for your products or services.
  5. “Do people not trust my company yet?”
    Trust can make or break relationships with website visitors. Ranking higher on searches can instill trust in those who are searching. If Google lists you first, you must be “vetted”, right? Building trust in the eyes of Google will help you get to that first page. A good SEO company will have proven methods of helping you achieve this which will save you time, money and headaches along the way.
  6. “I need a bigger network of connections.”
    If you want to convert prospects into customers, clients, or partners, you’ll need to be speaking their language, and you’ll need them to be able to find you. SEO can help you convince those visitors that you’re a potential connection. If your SEO is so bad that you don’t even show up for branded terms that you might be missing out on easy wins when people who are introduced to your company are simply looking for validation, further information or how to contact you.
  7. “I want to look like an expert!”
    This goes hand-in-hand with trustworthiness. If you’re ranking well in searches, it should go without saying that you have the most relevant information. This also assumes that in order to rank on that first page you have great content that speaks to the user, captures the user’s attention while providing great value. High-quality content is part of any successful SEO campaign.
  8. “I need a simpler way of marketing.”
    Though SEO is very complex at times it can be broken down into simpler philosophies that you can follow consistently every day. Depending upon the competition in the market you are targeting with the help of a skilled digital marketing agency you may find SEO is the path of least resistance out of all the other marketing and advertising channels you are using.

Regardless of the type of business or website you run, SEO can be the best tool in your bag for bringing people in and keeping them there. Your competitors are almost certainly doing it, so get out there and show those search engines who’s boss!

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