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local service ads vs google ads

Local Service Ads vs Google Ads: Which Works Best for You?

When it comes to local service ads vs Google Ads, understanding what these are and how they can differ can stump many businesses. Fortunately, this guide explains what you need to know about local service ads and Google Ads and how they can help increase leads. Peppermonkey Media also understands the advantages of running local service ads to save money, gain precise and relevant leads, and strengthen your business.

We proudly offer PPC management and can help your business run targeted ads the right way. Learn more about local service ads vs. Google Ads in this article, then get in touch with our team by calling (888) 231-9764 or by filling out our form for a strategy session.

What Are Local Service Ads?

Local service ads operate only in specific industries, such as for law offices, HVAC businesses, contracting services, beauty schools, and more. Companies can establish their credibility and professionalism by uploading documents, licenses, and more. By doing so, they can have a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed badge to make their advertisements even stronger and appealing, showing they are trustworthy.

Having a Google Screened badge means that the business has a verified license and is legitimate. Some businesses with this badge include law firms, childcare providers, and real estate brokers and agents. A Google Guaranteed badge appears for verified and screened businesses, providing dissatisfied customers who are unhappy with the work or service up to $2000 (in the United States).

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads involve choosing keywords to target your ads and bidding to rank higher in the search results for those keywords. When searching for a business on Google Maps, these ads can appear too. While we think of these ads as mostly text-based, they can appear as video ads throughout various places online, such as YouTube.

To learn more about local service ads vs Google Ads, you should learn some of the restrictions for Google Ads. Both ads only allow specific types of businesses to advertise, but the way they advertise and where ads appear differs slightly. Some of what Google Ads prohibits include the following:

  • Gambling and online games
  • Sexually explicit content (or 18+)
  • Irresponsible political advertisements
  • Business misrepresentation
  • Advertisements related to alcohol
  • Unapproved use of copyrighted content

When using Google Ads, you must outbid your competitors who are targeting the same keywords as you. You end up paying every time someone clicks on your ad, whether or not they actually become a customer or not. If they simply browse for a moment, you’re paying for it either way.

Pay-Per-Click vs Pay-Per-Lead

One of the best ways to understand local service ads vs Google Ads is to consider what you’re paying for. Local service ads are pay-per-lead, meaning you are paying with every lead the ad helps you achieve. Google Ads are pay-per-click, which don’t always guarantee a lead. 

Pay-per-click and pay-per-lead are both well-known marketing strategies that have helped many businesses. However, one may be better for you, depending on your niche, business goals, budget, and other factors. Working with a reputable digital marketing agency can help you decide and further explore the pros and cons of each. 

You can invoke a mix of both ad campaigns if your budget and business allows, trying to reach potential customers on both fronts. If you’ve never run a local service ad, you can try it and compare the results to your previous PPC efforts. Pay-per-lead advertising typically works in favor of the business (appearing above other ads, sharing relevant services, and aiding their reputation) and consumers (showing credible businesses local to them and that offer the services they desire).

Advantages of Local Service Ads

Potential customers that view your local service ads can skip the background check as Google has screened and verified your company’s legitimacy. Here are several advantages to employing local service ads as a marketing strategy for your business:

  • Positioning – They are above all other advertisements on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), including Google Ads (PPC) and organic results. The further your ad is on the top of the page, the more visibility and increased chances of engagement.
  • Money Savings – If you’re trying to make the most out of your budget, local service ads might be the best way to go. While Google Ads are advantageous, they can sometimes lead a business to waste money, especially since PPCs aren’t always low cost. 
  • Credibility – Using local service ads can help increase your company’s reputation in the local community. Having a Google Guaranteed or Google Screened badge sets your business apart, compared to ones that simply appear in Google Ads. Potential clients may need to do their own research after viewing a Google Ad to determine whether their community trusts the business.
  • Affordability – Paying for local service ads is often cheaper than PPC ads. You can get more for your money and gain more business from new and local clients as a result.

If your business type is one that local service ads support, you can find numerous qualified leads. People who are looking for your specific services in your area will have an easier time finding you and knowing you are a trusted company. They also can connect with businesses and services that are relevant to them and will waste less time searching through other avenues. 

Find the Right Types of Ads for You with Peppermonkey Media

If you’ve still got questions about local service ads vs Google Ads, Peppermonkey Media is here to help make sense of it all. We are an experienced and motivated digital marketing agency that assists businesses of all types and sizes meet their goals. Whether you need help running Google local service ads, improving your social media marketing efforts, or implementing the best web design, our team is prepared to meet your needs. You can get a free digital strategy session by filling out our online form, or call (888) 231-9764 with any questions.

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