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2023 seo trends

2023 SEO Trends to Include in Your Marketing Strategy

Looking for more groundbreaking ways to revamp your digital marketing strategy this year? Some of the following 2023 SEO trends might be right up your alley. These tactics could benefit most businesses, regardless of their industry or location. Explore useful insights to leverage your brand’s online presence below. 

Our expert marketing team at Peppermonky Media stays on top of relevant trends to inform our search engine optimization services. The ever-shifting landscape of digital marketing requires a proactive approach from both creative and strategic minds. Call us at (888) 231-9764 for a free digital strategy session. 

Read on to discover how the following trends could change your digital marketing and SEO strategy. 

#1 Unique Visuals Reign Supreme 

Visuals already play an important role in the way an internet user interacts with any digital space. An eye-catching website layout or a service page with a plethora of demonstrative images embedded will likely garner better rankings and engagement than a barren landing page that only contains copy. 

Additionally, more brands will have free or inexpensive tools at their disposal to access or create distinctive visuals. Artificial intelligence (AI) software has become more capable of generating impressive images using prompts, and tools like Canva empower creators to design their own branded images. 

The increase in visual content means more specificity and structure when drafting alt-text and meta tags for these elements. Alt texts and meta tags assist website crawlers in understanding and properly categorizing both the image and your site. Without these descriptors, your site could rank lower and become more difficult for searchers to find.

#2 E.E.A.T. is in Effect

You may remember E.A.T. or expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. When Google’s web crawlers scan a site’s content, they ensure the content provides value to readers by demonstrating those qualities. In December 2022, Google added a new quality to create the E.E.A.T. formula

The new E stands for “experience.” Any content you publish in 2023 and beyond should demonstrate:

  • Experience: Does your content demonstrate your experience in your industry?
  • Expertise: Does your content reflect any certificates, qualifications, or other measurable qualities of your time in the industry?
  • Authoritativeness: Do you have a long-standing reputation in your industry? 
  • Trustworthiness: Does your content reflect factual information backed by outside sources? 

E.E.A.T. is among the most important 2023 SEO trends for content published on both web pages and social media platforms. Demonstrate these values to your target audience to build a digital relationship based on trust and proven knowledge. 

#3 Craft Content for Humans

AI capabilities enthrall many business owners who want a fast, easy, and cheap way to make their content rank. AI-written content presents a tantalizing temptation for inexpensive content that contains enough short and long-tail keywords to increase their visibility. There’s just one problem: most AI writers only spit information they perceive as logical facts.

The art of engagement, persuasion, and creativity is lost on such software. They may also fall short in other areas, such as long-form copywriting, fact-checking, and producing quality content for certain industries. Plus, they fail to factor in what makes humans engage with content. 

Whether or not you use AI tools to assist your content creation efforts, you’ll still need human writers to craft or edit content fit for a human audience. Don’t rely solely on AI if you want your content to meet the standards of E.E.A.T. Ensure the final product connects with the reader on a human level, which inherently calls upon emotion and experience. 

#4 Invest in Organic Results

More searchers prefer the leading organic results on major search engines than paid ad placements. Thus, focusing more on organic placement and engagement is a worthy investment for the foreseeable future. After exploring countless sites saturated with advertisements, internet users are actively avoiding content that feels overly targeted. 

Although online ads can still push your brand forward, place more of your focus on your content’s details. Search engines, like Bing and Google, have already structured data on some fronts to reflect these user preferences. Google, for example, replaced its ad results with sponsored results instead. These sponsored results take up far less space on the page than the ads once claimed, requiring less scrolling to find organic results. The top-ranking organic results appear at the top of the feed and claim more page space, making for a preferable user experience.  

#5 Offline Marketing Efforts Enrich Your Online Ones

The trend of in-person connection and reconnection begins now! After a few years of pandemic-fueled isolation and fear, more consumers show interest in creating more personal connections with businesses and humans alike. Take advantage of this by:

  • Participating in local events as a brand
  • Planning and executing pop-ups, if applicable 
  • Exploring industry expos and conferences 

These events provide the perfect opportunities to reveal the humans behind your brand, speak one-on-one with potential customers, and request service or product reviews for current satisfied customers. A full calendar off and online may produce fantastic ROIs. 

#6 Deepen How You Analyze Your Competition

As a discerning business owner, you’re already aware that competitor analysis is an excellent method to get ahead in the digital marketing game. With Google placing more emphasis on content that demonstrates experience and expertise in 2023, this approach becomes even more valuable than before. Study the content published by recognizable and beloved brands that share your industry. 

Draft and publish content that reflects the topics they cover, adding your own personal spin to it. Uncover the keywords they use to improve their search rankings and engagements. An article published on Berkeley Extension explores the benefits of combining the power of SEO and competitor analysis.    

Want to See These 2023 SEO Trends in Action? Look No Further Than Peppermonkey Media!

After reviewing some important 2023 SEO trends, make sure you stay on top of other developments, such as SEO optimization for voice search. Our team’s ongoing mission is to keep our readership in the know with Peppermonkey Media’s industry insights. 

Schedule a free digital strategy session with our digital experts at (888) 231-9764 today. 

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