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what is a good bounce rate

What Is a Good Bounce Rate in 2023?

When you access the metric dashboard to your website, you’ll notice insights about how people respond to your landing pages. The bounce rate is among those insights. 

What is a good bounce rate? How do bounce rates affect your content’s performance? As an SEO company committed to keeping business owners informed about ever-changing digital infrastructures, we at Peppermonkey Media provide answers to your burning bounce-rate questions. Call (888) 231-9764 to claim your free digital strategy session with our experts. 

Continue reading to learn everything you should know about bounce rates. 

What Is a Bounce Rate?

Google defines a bounce as an occurrence where a site visitor lands on a site before exiting the site without taking any further actions. In other words, people land on a single page and leave without exploring any further pages. Therefore, they bounce. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who bounce versus the percentage of exit rates. 

Some business owners confuse the bounce rate with the exit rate. But an exit rate refers to the percentage of visitors who navigate to a webpage and explore the site further before leaving. While bounce rates imply a mistake or complete lack of interest, an exit rate often means the visitor had a look around your website.  

How Do Bounce Rates Affect You?

Are bounces bad? The answer depends on whether you understand the metrics. Ideally, a site visitor stays to further explore your business website. However, something about the page on which they landed made them disengage. 

On the other hand, the fact the bounce rate exists implies that, at the very least, your SEO strategy worked to some degree. Now, you just have to figure out what made the visitors veer away or cut their visit short. 

But how does a high bounce rate affect your business? You lose potential customers to an off-putting factor. For example, the content on your website could seem outdated or otherwise not reflect your target audience. That factor affects your search ranking, which further reduces site traffic.

A high bounce rate comes with some good news! You can identify and fix the problem, which decreases your rate.   

What Is a Good Bounce Rate?

What is a good bounce rate goal for your company? Bounce rates between 25% and 50% are ideal for optimal digital performance. But a good bounce rate depends on your business’s goals. 

Check your current bounce percentage. Identify your goals and the period over which you want to accomplish those goals. Then, access your website the way the average user would. Better yet, seek feedback from someone outside of your company detailing their experience while navigating the landing pages. 

Can You Decrease Your Bounce Rate?

Yes, you can decrease your bounce rate. First, find out why visitors leave so quickly. Then, adjust the website to address the issues causing visitors to leave. Don’t get discouraged if progress seems slow. Any decreases suggest that your adjustments have the desired effect. 

Bounce Rate Reduction Strategies

What can you do to combat high bounce rates? Place the user experience at the front and center. Find out what frustrates visitors to the point that they don’t stick around. Below, you’ll find a few suggestions that could remedy your issues.  

#1 Mobile Friendliness

Mobile devices allow web surfers to access, purchase from, and interact with their favorite retailers and service providers online. However, some business websites place desktop experiences ahead of mobile ones. The reasons behind a lacking mobile user experience often include:

  • Slow load times on mobile devices
  • Poor design that doesn’t consider the mobile interface
  • Pages that contain pure copy rather than a diverse amalgam of images, videos, and copy

Mobile users want to interact throughout their experience. Intuitive web design coupled with visual media could greatly decrease your bounce rate. 

#2 Build Better Landing Pages

How many landing pages does your site contain? What kind of content do they feature? Visitors are more likely to stay on your website if it features valuable content. They want to know why they should choose you, how you compare to your competitors, and what sets you apart from others.

Your landing pages should provide in-depth information about each service your business provides. 

#3 Post Blogs Worth Bragging About 

Speaking of more informative content, when did you last update your blog? Blog posts featuring copy that demonstrates your expertise and experience as an authoritative brand keep readers coming back for more! Publish a balanced mix of short and long-form blog posts to keep your readership engaged. 

Short blog posts provide easy, quick reads that readily demonstrate your knowledge. Long blog posts should feature an interactive table of contents for easy skimming and navigation. 

#4 Include Visual, Video, and Interactive Media

Many visitors want to passively engage with your content. While some internet users prefer to read copy, others would rather press play for convenient listening and viewing. Videos, podcasts, and other interactive media allow them to experience your brand while they go about their day. 

Visual or auditory media will give your viewers a better idea of what you do and how you do it. 

#5 CTA Is the Way! 

Finally, each landing page should feature a clear, catchy call to action (CTA). The CTA invites the visitor to engage with your brand in other ways. Some effective actions you could incorporate include:

  • Providing a free consultation, ebook, or other digital product in exchange for an email address
  • An invitation to reach out to your business by phone about a specific, relevant service
  • A prompt to subscribe to a newsletter or follow a social media account

Make the CTA clear and precise about what you want the visitor to do before completing their visit.  

Bounce Back from Your High Bounce Rate with Peppermonkey Media

What is a good bounce rate for your business right now? Find out with us! Set goals and make plans with the professional marketers at Peppermonkey Media.

Call (888) 231-9764 for a thorough SEO content audit or a free digital strategy session with our team.

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