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what is an ad impression

What Is an Ad Impression in Online Advertising?

What is an ad impression going to do for you in the greater scheme of things? With online advertising able to make or break your business, your ability to position your brand directly in front of potential customers underpins any effective marketing strategy. However, for such a simple concept—how many times someone sees your ad on their page—there’s a little more to the story with ad impressions.

An experienced digital marketing agency like Peppermonkey Media can help you understand and strategize everything from ad impressions to pay-per-click (PPC) management in NJ. Reach out or read on to learn about ad impressions and why they’re important to your digital marketing success.

What Is an Ad Impression?

Ad impressions or view-throughs measure the reach and visibility of your advertisements. At its core, this metric represents how many times your ad has come up on someone’s screen, even if they haven’t clicked on it or gone through to your site.

So, what is an ad impression tally supposed to tell you? Knowing how many ad impressions are happening is important for several reasons, including the following:

  • Performance: The impression count measures the times someone viewed your ad, which tells you about the ad’s exposure to your intended audience. Ad impressions and your click-through rate (CTR) are great metrics to assess a campaign’s performance.
  • Functionality: Ad impressions that count confirm the ad is displaying well on a mobile app or website.
  • Platform evaluation: You can look at the number of impressions to see which platform is performing the best and reaching the most potential customers.
  • Pricing: Advertisers or promoters pay for advertisements based on cost-per-mile (CPM) or cost-per-thousand-impressions rates. You would pay these fixed amounts for every one thousand impressions your ad generates. You could also better estimate the CTR costs from these figures.
  • Exposure: Ad impressions increase exposure and build brand familiarity. Frequent impressions increase brand recognition and potentially influence purchasing decisions.
  • Optimization: Advertisers can analyze ad impression data to optimize their marketing campaigns. They can use the data to make informed decisions about the target audience, ad creativity, and ad placement.

Types of Ad Impressions

You can measure and track numerous types of ad impressions, such as:

  • Served ad impressions: Count ad displays in the user’s browser to reveal your ad delivery.
  • Viewable impressions: Count if the ad is at least 50% visible on the user’s screen.
  • Engagement impressions: Count how often users interact with your ad.
  • Clickable impressions: Count how many times users click on your ad (even if they don’t go all the way through to your site after that).
  • Verified impressions: Count verifications, which is whether the ad reaches the person.

More About Unfilled Ad Impressions

Ad impressions track your advertising efforts on mobile apps and websites with sophisticated tracking and ad serving technologies. Ad serving refers to delivering your advertisements to people through a server, which tracks, manages, and optimizes the marketing campaign. It also gives you insight into user behavior by generating tracking data like pixels, cookies, and tags.

What is an ad impression that’s unfilled? This concept covers an ad impression that doesn’t generate any revenue or traffic, perhaps because of low demand, ad-blocking software, glitches or errors, or poor ad placement. Unfilled ad impressions are left out of the impressions metric, and they’re worth keeping an eye on if you want to optimize your campaign further. 

If you do want to reduce your unfilled ad impressions, there are several strategies, such as:

  • Header bidding: Increases the competition for the ad space by showcasing your inventory to multiple partners.
  • Higher bids: Sets higher bid prices for these ad spaces to attract more advertisers.
  • Dynamic allocation: Fills the ad space with other relevant ads when networks or ad sources fail to do so.
  • Inventory segments: Tailors your inventory to suit target third-party partners.

If none of that makes sense, it may be time to contact a digital marketing expert like Peppermonkey Media for some guidance.

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You With Ad Impressions and More

Engagement is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful ad campaign. When you want to increase your brand recognition, attract new clients, and grow your business, getting the details right matters, including ad impressions.

Digital marketing agencies like Peppermonkey Media are advertising specialists. That means they can create digital marketing campaigns with proven strategies to help your company thrive in an online environment. For example, hiring a digital marketing agency can benefit your company by: 

  • Increasing organic traffic to your website
  • Choosing platforms based on the people you’d like your advertising to reach
  • Ensuring your online reputation is positive, including generating helpful online reviews for your business and helping you solve issues like unfilled ad impressions
  • Optimizing your content and ads so that people keep coming to explore what you have on offer on your user-friendly, mobile-friendly website
  • Improving your search engine rankings through SEO strategies that encompass ad impressions and other helpful metrics that help you keep your website visible
  • Monitoring and adjusting advertisement campaigns to improve quality and performance.

Ad impressions remain a key component of any digital marketing strategy. Without knowing these details, you and your marketing agency wouldn’t have enough insight into an ad’s effectiveness to change course. Metrics like these are even more important with the change in marketing after the pandemic, and choosing an experienced digital marketing agency can make all the difference.

Partner With Peppermonkey Media for Premium Digital Marketing Services

Would you like to improve ad impressions, implement effective PPC ad copy, and explore other proven digital marketing strategies? You’ll need a team that understands how to get the right customers to see the right ads at the right time to make them click through to your web page.

With over 12 years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses ace their digital marketing, Peppermonkey Media’s experts can help you navigate SEO, PPC, web design, and much more. Call us today at (888) 231-9764 or request a consultation online!

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