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5 Tips on Writing an Effective PPC Ad Copy

Writing advertisements online can sometimes feel impossible, especially when you aren’t sure what makes an attractive ad. Google ad practices change over time, and your copywriting can fall behind without writing updates. No one wants to put effort into advertisements that get left in the dark.

Thankfully, Peppermonkey Media’s PPC management experts have methods to improve pay-per-click (PPC) click-through rates without the skills of a novelist. Following these five steps can help you upgrade your PPC ad copy to the next level.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Facts You Need to Know

The University of Alabama at Birmingham defines PPC ads as display advertisements you pay for when users visit the webpage. This method allows digital marketers to use keywords that potential clients search on the web to gain engagement. They obtain these keywords through common search results and how prevalent they are in search engine use.

You can use PPC ad copy in text ads, images, and other visual media. The action you want most is for someone to click on the ad, get to your landing page, and potentially become a client. 

However, every digital marketing company and the businesses they work with is trying to grab other people’s attention. Competition for keywords can get fierce, leading to some poor PPC practices like false advertising or keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing leads your potential customers to have a negative experience, and the search engine will flag your site with low-quality content.

However, it’s not hard to meet Google’s or Bing’s expectations with quality content. You need to use competitive advertising habits that are mutually beneficial for you and the search engine user.

#1. Know Who Your Competitors Are

You may think you’re competing against a company that sells related services or products of the same quality you produce. However, your real competition may be the cheaper knockoff item or service provider who uses simplified language.

Think about it like a high-grossing movie versus a mockbuster. Mockbusters sometimes make income by using basic traits or phrases that attract a person who is looking for an A-list movie. For example, Kung Fu Panda (2008) was accompanied by The Little Panda Fighter (2008) and followed by Chop Kick Panda (2011). 

The competition here feeds off of the interest of people looking for the real product by using easy-to-remember, simplified terms. To find your baseline competitors, try to simplify your service or product down to simplified terms or definitions. The terms will usually be the keywords for which you receive the highest impressions. 

In most cases, the first few examples, especially on the shopping page, will show discounted or cheap versions of what you offer. These ads are the ones you’re truly competing against.

#2. Show How You’re Better

Now that you know the keyword you need to use to gather more attention, you can make it your own. Add wording that shows that your service or product has better qualities and is worth the extra cost. This additional information can go in the product descriptions, ad headlines, and other areas that immediately stick out.

Instead of “stuffed dog toy,” you can say “100% cotton-stuffed dog toy” or “Easy-chew stuffed dog toy, older pets approve.” Instead of “tax consultant,” try “Professional tax consultant in [city]” or “Insured tax consultant for over [number] years.” Find what makes your product or services unique and amplify that point to stand out from the other advertisements.

#3. Make Your Ad Copy Personable

A 2022 UJET survey featured on Forbes showed that potential customers often loathe dealing with automated chatbots and phone directories. Not only did most people find that AI didn’t solve their problems, but it often increased their frustration!

To counteract the negativity, you want people to attach a level of humanity to your brand. You can start this process as early as in your PPC ad copy.

Try to add some personality to your ad messaging. Don’t be afraid of sometimes using incomplete or shorter sentences! Balance professionalism with language that feels human.

However, avoid using too much slang. A report came from Gen Z, and they say that’s “cringe.”

#4. Be Smart with Your Extensions

Google allows accounts to add up to four site links with their PPC ad copy. These links appear below the ad description and often go to prominent landing pages on the website. 

This method helps potential customers bypass all the clicking and get to the information you think they want to know. Many companies add site links to their contact page, full product page, or special offers. If the ad is for a special offer, the site links could go to other offers you’re advertising.

#5. Make the Headline Your Main Focus

When you look up the statistics, most people check the headline and then keep going if they aren’t interested. Actually, let’s rephrase that: Studies show you only receive 20% of the through traffic out of all the people who see your headline. 

Even in non-headline content, adding numbers and definitive or descriptive language makes a difference. To get prospects to your content, alter how you phrase your headlines to improve conversion rates and traffic.

Consider all the tips we’ve listed thus far and see how you can add them together. Using the knowledge here, you can change “derby roller skates” to “Designer Derby Roller Skates on Sale – 10% Off.” One could guess which prospective piqued your interest the most.

Leave the Ad Copy to Us

You usually don’t need to completely overhaul your current advertising tactics. Instead, a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective may be all your PPC ad copy requires to improve. You could also benefit from updated PPC bidding strategies and A/B testing.

Peppermonkey Media consultants can help you grow your brand’s voice and attract new clients. Our team can find where your knowledge is now and how we can improve your understanding of this prominent advertising tool. Call (888) 231-9764 for a free service quote and digital marketing consultation today!

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