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how to improve conversion rate

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate With SEO

Do you want to take your website from high impressions to high engagement? If so, you need to understand how to improve your conversion rate. Keep reading to discover nine tips for excellent conversion.

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1. Use a Conversion Rate Optimization Planner

CRO planners provide a single, comprehensive platform for important optimization methods like site audits, collecting and analyzing user data, and A/B testing. You need all these tools to improve your conversion rate, so why not consolidate them all into a single, accessible platform?

2. Define Your Goals

What actions do you want the user to take when they visit your site? When you define your goals, you can tailor your content around them.

Your approach to constructing your website will differ based on whether you want page visits, form submissions, or link clicks. If you don’t know your goal yet, our digital marketing team can help.

3. Collect and Scrutinize Data

A higher conversion rate necessitates you collect and analyze user data to make your decisions. Guesswork doesn’t lead to optimization. When you understand how users interact with your site, you can lean into the existing behavior to increase conversions.

Pay attention to the following data points:

  • Traffic sources
  • Bounce rates on your landing page
  • Your marketing campaign’s click-through rates
  • Frequency of repeat customers
  • Purchase and ordering habits
  • Customer feedback

Once you collect the data, create a profile for your “ideal customer.” Who are they, why do they visit your site, and what are their purchasing habits? When you find your niche, capitalize on it.

4. Adjust Your Funnel

Your conversion funnel includes the steps a user takes, from seeing your website (impressions) to taking your desired end-goal action: making a purchase, submitting a form, or scheduling an appointment. Every business and website has a different conversion funnel.

In general, the shorter your funnel, the better. Users don’t want to click through a dozen pages to reach an end action, so the first step means streamlining your website and making it more accessible.

Even if you’ve already streamlined your conversion process, users still might opt out at various stages. When you use data to analyze where your conversion funnel stagnates, you can change and optimize the process to help more users reach the desired end action.

For example, nearly 70% of shoppers on eCommerce sites abandon their cart after adding products to it. Amazon fixed this issue by allowing one-click checkout. By removing the step between wanting the product and buying the product, the company significantly improved the rate at which users actually purchase products.

5. Refine Your Values

One often overlooked answer to “how to improve your conversion rate” lies in effective value propositions. A values statement communicates to the user why they should choose your product or service over that of your competitor.

When you identify your unique selling point (USP), incorporate it into your brand through your ad writing, images, and company culture. The following suggestions can help you narrow down your value propositions:

  • Use your customer’s data to identify your audience and target your values proposition specifically to them. Consider the user’s goals, motivations, and pain points.
  • Trim your values statement down to 10 words or less. Make it clearly visible on your landing page.
  • Highlight your product or service’s benefits rather than its features. Benefits help your customers visualize their life with your product.

6. Improve Page Quality

Improved conversions require improved website quality. What do experts consider a high-quality page?


Confirm your website loads appropriately on mobile devices and performs well on devices other than a computer. Make the site easily navigable and its instructions and headings clear and concise.


Your website’s content becomes its most obvious measure of quality. Your website should have:

  • Few errors: Confirm your text is clear, concise, and professionally edited. This increases both user experience and your placement on search engines.
  • Low distractions: Get rid of unnecessary links or popups. The more choices a user has to take actions other than your end-goal action, the less likely they are to complete a conversion.
  • Clear calls to action: When a user clicks on a link, they should know exactly where it leads. If CTAs are confusing or unclear, a customer won’t click on them.


If your customers can’t use your website, they’ll leave immediately. Make sure the load speed is under three seconds, but under one second is better. Whenever you build or update the website, test everything before you push it live.

7. Focus on Reviews

The majority of customers make a decision about a company based on testimonials. Studies show that when a customer interacts with reviews, they’re 58% more likely to convert. 

You can utilize case studies to increase customer confidence and trust in your brand. Users will more likely click on a link that features a testimonial from a previous customer.

8. Implement Live Support

One way to increase customer service stems from providing live support, like chatting with a representative or chatbot. Live support shows you value your customers and want them to have a good experience. It has the added benefit of reducing the chances your customer leaves your website if they think something’s confusing or can’t find an answer to their questions.

9. Utilize Engaging Follow-Up

Automated texts or emails can help encourage users to return to your website after they’ve left. For example, if they abandoned their cart, you can send an email asking if they still want the items in their cart and even offer a discount if they check out immediately.

Learn More Conversion Rates with Peppermonkey Media

Now that you know how to improve your conversion rate, are you prepared to do it? With Peppermonkey Media, you can achieve every amazing metric for your SEO, including a good bounce rate and an awesome click-through rate. Call (888) 231-9764 to request a digital marketing consultation.

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