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Content Marketing

Content Marketing Services for Driving Business and Sales

We know how to create content that moves business leads through the sales funnel and turns online traffic into paying customers. Schedule a consultation today at (888) 231-9864People use the internet daily to find local businesses for services and products. The competition across many industries is stiff. However, getting noticed by the right consumers online can be almost impossible without the right strategies, like content marketing.

Peppermonkey Media is a leading digital marketing company in New Jersey. We offer exceptional content marketing services that help businesses stand out from the competition and become online leaders within their niche.

Quality Content Marketing Services in New Jersey

Content marketing is a branch of digital marketing services that gives companies the online tools, strategies, and content necessary to support marketing campaigns. It’s a strategic approach that uses relevant content, distribution, and promotion to drive organic traffic to a business website. Content marketing’s purpose is to catch and retain the attention of specific consumer groups and drive them to take profitable actions. At Peppermonkey Media, our content marketing services involve several steps, including content strategy and development designed to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Common Content Types

The type of content on your company’s website should have good optimization to drive traffic and consumer engagement. Below are some of the content types our digital marketing team develops.

Page Content

The copy, images, and videos on your business website should be original and evergreen. Regardless of when someone encounters your website, the content should compel them to remain on the page and take action, like subscribing to an email newsletter or filling out a contact form for a consultation. We can optimize your on-site content to reinforce search engine optimization (SEO).

Blog Content

Blog posts are excellent for showing online viewers that your brand is a reliable source of relevant information. Blog content from Peppermonkey Media can help position you as a trustworthy industry leader by giving potential customers information that could turn them into customers.

Product Copywriting

Copywriting allows us to advertise your company’s unique services or products through persuasive copy. Our digital marketing experts will display your business’s value to customers to separate you from competitors and drive sales.

Press Releases

When businesses have noteworthy news to share with audiences, they need a multi-channel distribution that includes traditional media outlets like newspapers and radio spots. We can accomplish that through carefully crafted press releases.

Our Approach to Content Marketing Services

With our years of experience in digital and content marketing services, the Peppermonkey Media professionals know how to utilize their skills to drive results. We focus on personalized strategies for every client to suit their specific business goals and objectives. Learn more about our content marketing services below.

Content Strategy and Keyword Research

Our team will work closely with your organization to learn about the company, its mission, and current goals. We’ll use the information to create a custom content marketing strategy to improve your website’s search engine ranking and convert online traffic into customers. Part of our strategy is keyword research. We learn the terms relating to your industry that customers will likely search for online. With those terms, we can craft original, high-quality content for your website. When researching keywords, we consider:
  • User Intent:Consumers use keywords with certain intentions, like purchases, knowledge, and information on a specific page or site. Content should include keywords that answer user intent.
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC):This number tells our team the possible value a particular key term could have for your business.
  • Search Volume:Keywords in your content should have a decent amount of monthly searches.

Content Development and Creation

Content development involves a content calendar with deadlines for writing and delivering content for your review. When the calendar is complete, the Peppermonkey Media professionals will begin creating content. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of writers, graphic designers, and marketers who can create multiple types of content for your website, including long-form articles, how-to guides, white papers, blog posts, and infographics. We’ll review all content to ensure it upholds quality standards and matches your company’s brand. Additionally, you will receive the content for feedback before it’s published.


Our team will optimize all content to make your business more visible to search engines and potential customers. Optimization starts with the writing and graphic design team. However, your dedicated account manager will also optimize your content by creating enticing meta descriptions, title tags, etc.


Peppermonkey Media not only develops content. We also promote it through various online platforms, social media sites, and paid promotions. Advertising content is the best way to increase brand awareness, drive site traffic, improve conversions, and raise revenue.

Monthly Reports

Our content marketing services include monthly reports. We will monitor the content’s performance and provide reports containing valuable information to help your company make educated decisions about content and branding.

Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing Services

Content marketing may seem like something you could do yourself. However, it is time-consuming and requires a lot of marketing expertise. Our services allow you to:
  • Grow your business
  • Build brand awareness
  • Cultivate an online reputation
  • Reach target audiences
  • Increase revenue
At Peppermonkey Media, we have the digital marketing expertise to provide world-class content marketing services that generate top results for businesses in New Jersey. Our content marketing team offers standard, customizable services to suit your business’s needs. Call (888) 231-9864 to request a consultation.
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