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Website Audits

Professional Website Audit Services

Your internet presence might be doing more harm than good – contact Peppermonkey Media today to find out how we can help. Most businesses have a website, but many designed their pages years ago and haven’t taken the time to update them. Unfortunately, dated websites can do more harm than good and make potential clients hesitant to give you a chance. A website audit services from a top digital marketing agency in NJ Peppermonkey Media can uncover all of your page’s failings. Our expert team will show you how to make an SEO-friendly website with an improved user experience in just one appointment.

What Are Website Audit Services?

Website audits are professional reviews that gauge a website’s design and technical aspects. For one reason or another, be it outdated copy, poor optimization for mobile devices, harsh layouts with no images, or anything in between, some websites struggle to attract clients. Website audit services uncover those issues.

Why Website Audits Are Valuable

  • Improved SEO: Poorly designed websites typically lack the content search engine crawlers need to recommend them to users. However, with a website audit, you can discover what words and phrases your clients use in their searches and update your pages to match them.
  • Uncovering hidden issues: Issues with websites that business managers haven’t updated in decades are typically easy to spot. However, brand-new websites developed by well-meaning company owners often have hidden mistakes that aren’t as easy to identify. Website audit services uncover your website’s minor hiccups, such as duplicate content or an unoptimized widget, and allow you to correct them.
  • Refreshing your perspective: Many issues holding websites back start as intentional design choices. For example, some inexperienced web designers fill their pages with walls of text rather than short paragraphs to provide extra information, turning away clients quickly and lowering SEO viability. Website audits let you see web design through new eyes and a refined SEO strategy.

Our Auditing Process

Our website audit services at Peppermonkey Media are thorough and will uncover all of your page’s minor and major failings. The steps are as follows:

  • Consultation: Before we make dramatic changes to your website and brand without asking, we consult with you and your team to learn more about your company. You explain what you want from our website audit services, and we deliver it.
  • Performance checks: Poorly optimized photos, links, and widgets can tank a website’s performance, driving clients away before they give you a chance. We’ll find every subpar feature on your website with a technical SEO audit and recommend the appropriate fixes.
  • SEO checks: A website that runs well and looks perfect can only go so far if nobody can find it. Our team will perform keyword research during your audit to discover what phrases your website needs and weave them into the content.
  • Aesthetic examination: Bright colors, large text walls, and no visible branding can turn clients away from your website the second they click on it. Our design experts will spot these problems through our website auditing services and recommend user-friendly solutions.

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