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why is my website traffic dropping

Why Is My Website Traffic Dropping?

Savvy business leaders stay up-to-date on their site’s performance and look for ways to improve. If you check your data analytics and see a steady decline across the board, your first question will be, “Why is my website traffic dropping?” Identifying the problem can be tricky since there are several possible reasons for traffic decline. 

This guide aims to answer the question and explains common reasons why your site traffic is underperforming. Use this information to take control of your digital marketing tactics and help your website flourish. Reach out to our experts for personalized marketing services, including paid advertisements and SEO in NJ

Common Reasons Behind Dwindling Web Traffic

A website traffic drop causes your business to lose potential customers and impacts your sales figures. Therefore, it’s crucial that you diagnose the reason for the decline and address it right away. Below are some of the main culprits behind underwhelming traffic data. 

Slow Web Speeds

Make sure your site is responsive and mobile-friendly. Many users will exit a page if they need to wait more than a few seconds for the content to load. A simple web speed test will let you know if this is the reason for your poor traffic.

Solutions for sluggish pages include reducing the number of plugins used, optimizing your CSS language, and limiting the use of large files. 

Changes in Search Algorithms

One of the biggest challenges for digital marketing professionals is to keep up with the always-evolving algorithms of search engines like Google and Bing. Minor changes in the algorithm can affect your site’s search ranking so fewer people see it when they search for certain keywords. If you’re wondering, “Why is my website traffic dropping?” the answer could be because the algorithm now has your site appearing on the second page of search results instead of the first. 

Broken or Low-Quality Links

Filling your website with robust links is necessary for helping it fare well in a search engine’s ranking. However, the key is to include links to high-quality content that is relevant and not part of a private blog network. When analyzing declining traffic, look at the links you have in your pages. 

Remove any broken links or ones that lead to a private blog network since search engines can penalize your site for including these. 

SEO Issues

Search engine optimization features many components that you have to be aware of when creating and updating your website. You could be focusing on outdated keywords, which means your search ranking and overall web traffic suffers. It’s also possible to over-optimize your content where the focus is stuffing the page with keywords instead of striking a balance with SEO, content organization, and user experience. 

A digital marketing agency can help you optimize your site so it maintains a high search ranking and reaches wider audiences. This way, you’ll have more organic traffic for the page. 

How To Increase Online Traffic

Now that you have some answers to, “Why is my website traffic dropping?” you can start strategizing ways to boost your figures. Your method for boosting traffic depends on the exact type of traffic that’s causing you trouble. Visitors typically find sites through the following:

  • Organic searches
  • Paid advertisements
  • Email links
  • Social media
  • Referrals 

Take a closer look at your website analytics to determine which type of traffic is seeing the most decline. If your numbers are down across the board, you can deploy the following measures.

Optimize Your Site Content

Organic traffic is tough to obtain but don’t feel discouraged if your numbers start dwindling. Any number of adjustments can help improve your site, including keyword research to remove outdated search terms or combing over your internal links to make sure none are broken. 

You can benefit from teaming up with a marketing agency specializing in SEO practices. Experts can identify issues with your current site and help you fix them.

Adjust Paid Ads

If you’re wondering, “Why is my website traffic dropping despite running paid ads?” then it’s time to reassess the effectiveness of your ads. They may no longer reach the right audience, which means fewer people are willing to click on your link and you’re losing money on your marketing campaign. 

Revamp Your Email Marketing Strategy

Emails and newsletters inform your customers of the latest happenings with your brand, including special announcements, deals, and more. If you notice a drop in traffic from email referrals, you’ll have to examine the wants and needs of your customer base. You could lose their interest by sending emails that don’t offer anything appealing. 

For example, you may find that emails containing ads for new inventory don’t bring in much traffic, but messages that offer exclusive coupon codes for customers lead to more clicks and page views. Incorporate your most successful messages into future email campaigns. 

Initiate Action in Social Media Posts

With an abundance of social media content available, users will continue to scroll if something doesn’t grab their attention. Entice your followers to visit your site via social media with engaging content that suits the behavior and audience on each unique platform. 

Focus On Long-Term Website Performance

Don’t panic if your website traffic dips one day. Fluctuations are normal, depending on your current marketing strategies. Look at your long-term performance before you start making changes to your site or advertisements. 

If there’s a steady decline over several days or weeks, it’s time to investigate what’s causing the drop and try to resolve it. 

Boost Your Website Traffic With Help From Our Digital Marketing Experts

If you’re facing a decrease in website traffic, don’t just sit back and wonder, “Why is my website traffic dropping?” Take control of the situation and address all of the factors affecting site visits, such as a negative SEO attack. The team at Peppermonkey Media is here to help your website perform better thanks to foolproof digital marketing and SEO strategies. 

Contact us today via our online form or by calling (888) 231-9764 to schedule a free consultation with our marketing professionals. 

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