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questions to ask a ppc agency

10 Questions To Ask a PPC Agency

Pay-per-click advertising is a crucial part of digital marketing, but businesses don’t always have in-house specialists who can take the reins. If you’re looking to outsource some of your paid marketing work, you need to know the proper questions for hiring PPC experts. This guide reveals the top 10 questions to ask a PPC agency so you can feel confident in your hiring decision. 

Learn from the experts at Peppermonkey Media, an agency specializing in PPC management in NJ. Bring up these topics before selecting a PPC service provider. 

Top Questions To Ask a PPC Agency Before Hiring One

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and brands need to stay on top of new trends for the best results. An agency that focuses on PPC advertising can help businesses navigate these changes and increase their customer base. Research a few key inquiries for PPC agencies before you decide to hire one as a contractor. 

Asking these questions will give you a better idea of an agency’s capabilities. 

1. How Much Experience Does Your Team Have?

Find out, first and foremost, how much experience someone has in their field. You want to focus on the combined experience of the staff, not just the agency as a whole. A marketing firm may have opened its doors in the last year, but the professionals working there could have decades of industry experience. 

2. Do You Specialize in Advertising for My Industry?

When it comes to evaluating PPC agency expertise, you’ll need to know if the marketers have any niche industries they focus on. Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, retail chain, or other business, it helps if your marketing team knows how to create ads specifically for your industry. 

3. What Certifications Do Your Professionals Have?

One of the most important questions to ask a PPC agency involves their marketing certifications. Do you want your business to have ads on just one platform or multiple? Look for digital marketing contractors who hold certification in several areas. 

Online courses that focus on a platform’s advertising are available and teach industry professionals how to create and display ads. Look for an agency with workers who hold some of these certifications, including:

  • Google Ads Courses
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Meta Digital Marketing
  • Amazon Ads

4. What PPC Services Do You Offer?

When choosing a PPC agency, checklists should be complete with tasks that your marketing team will handle. Don’t go through all of your PPC agency interview questions without asking about the services they provide. Take note of what they offer and use this information to influence your hiring decision. 

For example, do you need a Google Ads account set up and aren’t sure how to get started? The ideal team will take care of this for you, as well as tasks like:

  • Performing keyword research 
  • Creating ads
  • Analyzing metrics
  • Reporting performance 

5. Who Will Manage My Account?

One of the biggest questions to ask a PPC agency involves account management. Will you work directly with one expert or a group of PPC specialists? Get a breakdown of the way the firm will handle your account should you partner with them.

6. When Will My Ads Go Live?

It could take some time before your business has online advertisements. Digital marketers may need to create accounts in Google Ads and other platforms before they can conduct keyword research and create ads. Some agencies will develop landing pages for your ads, which can further delay the campaign. 

This question doesn’t have a universal answer, so consider all the steps that marketers need to take depending on your advertising goals. If the timeline isn’t as quick as you’d like, you can reach out to other agencies and compare. 

7. What Metrics Do You Track and Analyze?

If you have little experience with PPC advertising, you might think that an increase in page views makes for a successful campaign. In reality, marketers have to focus on the bigger picture. A reliable PPC agency will track several key performance indicators, including:

  • Page views
  • Click-through rates
  • Ad spending
  • Marketing revenue
  • Conversion rates

Industry experts analyze all of this data and use it to improve ad campaigns. You should look for a contractor that continuously monitors these metrics, among others, and finds ways to improve them. 

8. How Do You Report Ad Performance?

Next on our list of questions to ask a PPC agency is this vital inquiry about reporting. As a business owner, you trust that the agency will handle your marketing needs on a day-to-day basis, but you still want to stay in the loop. How will the account manager report back to you?

Find out if you can check the performance of your campaign via a special dashboard or if a team member will present it to you at scheduled times. Ask about the frequency of meetings and reports to see if they align with your needs.  

9. What Success Stories Do You Have With Businesses Like Mine?

You want to feel confident in your decision to hire a digital marketing agency. Hearing about their success with other clients, particularly those in your industry, puts their skills and experience into perspective. Ask if they can share details about the work they do for other businesses and the results their ad campaigns yield. 

10. Can You Help Me Meet My Advertising Goals?

In your interview, describe your marketing goals for your business and see if the agency is on board. Set realistic expectations for your advertising performance and ask the experts how they plan to help your brand achieve these goals. 

Strengthen Your PPC Advertising With Help From Peppermonkey Media

Now that you know the most important questions to ask a PPC agency, your search for a marketing team will become much easier. Peppermonkey Media is your trusted source for effective digital advertising. We understand how to create successful PPC ad copy and generate leads for your business. 

Contact us via our convenient online form or call (888) 231-9764 to set up a free strategy session with our experts. 

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